dtrade83October 8, 2011


I am wanting to build an aquaponics system at the family farm the first one will be small since I am trying to show the family they work but I have three question.

1 I want to use sunfish out of the family pond. is this do able

2 where can I find suppy list and diagram for a system

3 what plants do best

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so no one know

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sorry the topic is new to me, but I found this really cool video on a aquaponic seed starting system.

Lady is using goldfish and a buncha containers to start seeds. She also has a regular website somewhere with more specific instructions that you can probably find pretty easily once you get her name etc from the video (sorry it just slipped my brain but hopefully its a starting place).

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really good starting place thank you

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Wow, no Aquaponics growers here but me.

Ok, I'll do my best to represent.

Yes, blue gill work great if you are also wanting to harvest the fish for eating or selling.

The system will depend on what components you decide to incorporate into your system. There has to be an adequate Biomedia (for lack of a proper term) to be a home to the bacteria that will break down ammonia to Nitrite and Nitrite to Nitrate. This could be pea gravel or Hydroton used in the grow beds or a tank that is inline and used for this purpose.
Lots of O2 never hurt anything when keeping fish and plants alive in the same water.
One thing I can say for absolute certainty, the more water in the system the the better. PH remains stable, temperature is easier to maintain, helps to dilute the toxic waste from the fish.

Every thing about an Aquaponics System depends on the answer to a bunch of other questions.
How big will the whole system be? Square footage of growbed? Gallons of water total? number of fish? Number and type of plants? Square footage available for the "footprint" of the entire system?

I just replanted my old system and will be updating a blog with pics and vids. Half dozen plants and a couple of gold fish. If you need more info get with me and I will try and explain all that I know about Aquaponics. Other than that I just have a link to an affiliate site that has an Ebook about Aquaponics. I'll let you have the link but not going to push it openly in the forum. I wish my blog had not been totally remade now, I had some good information already typed up now that look back. That whole hind sight thing kicking me in the butt.
Anyway, I'll help all I can.

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Hay sorry I don't spend much time on Garden web lately, been busy. Yes sunfish and bluegill do fine in aquaponics and I actually highly recommend them since they are native fish and you shouldn't need to worry as much about heating the water as you would with something like Tilapia. I recommend 300 gallons as a minimum size fish tank for an outdoor or unheated greenhouse fish tank in zones 8-10 where temperatures can get a little extreme. There are many places with far more info about Aquaponics that I can recommend but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post any links to pages that might have other links to places that sell stuff. I have a blog and a web site about aquaponics, Search Aquaponic Lynx on the web to find it.

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