What house plants in water

gramma_jan_mn_zn_4October 7, 2004

Hi, I'm jan and I'm a newbie, so here is a very basic question, I have grown philodendrens, pathos, Moses in the Bullrush, wandering jew and dieffenbachia in water for ages. What other plants would work well this way.

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hydro4me(z5 IN)

Hi there Jan,

I am also new to this forum, but not new to Hydroponics. I have been at it for a year and a half, since I work for a large hydro/ organic ditributor. I make a habit of trying out all of the products I sell to garden centers for hands on knowledge.

You can grow just about any plant hydroponically. It is not just tap water and mild food. There are various nutrients with different NPK ratios. I love to grow lettuce, tomatoes, and hot peppers indoors to fight the winter blahs.

There are tons of websites out there. A word of warning! Morning Glories are best grown outdoors. I had tried some under HID lights indoors and they took over everything. (Rookie gardener here!)

Later, Jason

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Lucky bamboo - Dracaena sanderiana. You need to get a good clean plant if you get one  there have been some problems with pests on imported ones. As the plant grows a side shoot simply remove it, place it in water, & you will have a new one. Not all forms of dracaena can grow in water alone, & some varieties should probably not be grown for extended times hydroponically. You need to check out your species.

Although it is generally said any plant can be grown hydroponically, it depends on the plant & its needs. For example, some desert/chapparal plants can be killed with water & some need specific bacteria/fungi around their root system  which comes with the soil. Winter watering of a plant such as a boojum can kill it. With slow growth & a going price of 20 dollars an inch hydroponic experimentation is too costly. Hydroponic techniques are sometimes helpful for seed or cutting propagation of such varieties, however.

If you are just starting easier crops include lettuce, peppers, & tomatoes. There are other growers on forum who grow houseplants, & perhaps they will contribute their pearls of wisdom.

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