Nutrient Foliage Sprays: Downside?

hank_mili(Z11)October 27, 2004

I started using a nutrient foliage spray about three weeks ago and I must say I see a definite difference. Leaves look greener, larger, and healthier. I am using my usual 5-11-26 nutrient solution at half strength, about 800 PPM. Every few days I lightly spray the leaves down with regular water to get rid of salts. Is there a downside to using this technique especially long term? I don't want to see a short-term benefit at the expense of a long-term problem.

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The only problem I have heard is problems with fungus in humid climates.

With chiles, foliar sprays make no difference, even in dry climates.

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I think you're right. My chili plant looks about the same. But my cucumbers, tomato, and egg plants sure looks better.

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