Help me ID this unusual blue

Nancy zone 6May 13, 2010

The problem is my camera just won't capture the actual colors on this one. The basic color is about right on the 1st picture, a very rich blue. The standards are a bit darker than the falls, the falls are not a solid blue though, but not a broken color. Sort of a watercolor look. It holds the falls out like that all the time. Fairly large flower, 38" tall or so. I really love this iris & would love to put a name to it.

I've been thinking this is one I got from the iris society a couple of years ago & the tag had Royal, not sure if 1st or 2nd part of the name. Doesn't match anything I have found. Another option is Skywalker, which I have somewhere around here. I moved it last year, it didn't bloom this year & I haven't come across the tag. I don't remember Skywalker being this brilliant, but maybe a difference in the soil?

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

It's similar to Honky Tonk Blues.

Some others are Olympiad, Money In Your Pocket, No Count Blues --- the fall edging on these looks lighter than yours.

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Nancy zone 6

Well, Honky Tonk Blues could be a possibility. I bought that one 5 or 6 years ago & it promptly rotted. Possibly a bit of it survived. I forgot to mention that the base of the foliage is a bit purple, do you know if HTB is? Honky Tonk Blues is supposed to be a mid season bloomer. Mine seems on the late side to me, but it bloomed at the same time as some other "mid" season iris.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Wow, it's stunning. It's not "No Count Blues". Could it be Walking on Air or Skywalker? There's also one with "Tide" in the name. Here's a photo of NCB for comparison:


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Nancy zone 6

It looks a little like Walking on Air too, but that is not one I've ever had. I do have Skywalker, & it should be a decent clump. Haven't found the tag for it so it really is quite possible that it is skywalker. I just don't remember it having this nice color. It is such a rich blue, your eyes are drawn to it across the yard. I have Pacific Tide & Full Tide, but those are labeled. Now it is quite possible I can switch them, I do strange things, but I "think" they are correct. I may have to wait til next spring to see if Skywalker blooms somewhere else. I'm almost inclined to think it is Honky Tonk Blues, it does seem like that is where I planted it originally.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I can't help with an ID but it sure is pretty.

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I have the same one! With no id of course. I just put all the above names in at daves and I jsut didnt see any photos that nailed this. Any other suggestions?

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