Baby Koi in pond, isn't it too early (cold outside)

gcpommomMarch 20, 2009

I live in Michigan, and while it is slowly warming up, the average temp is only 40-50 degrees. It was like 20 deg. this morning. So I was surprised to find one baby koi in my pond today. I haven't started feeding my adult koi yet since the water is still so cold; I usually don't start feeding them until at least the end of April/beginning of May when it warms up here. Does the baby need to be fed?

Is it normal to have baby koi in March? I thought June was the month for that to happen. It is about 2 1/2" long, will the adult koi eat it? I've only had my pond for 3 years, so I've never had any babies before, and honestly didn't think I would, since they eat the eggs.

Thanks for your help, I have never posted here before, I am usually on the mosaic boards.


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garbird(zone6 KY)

It's too early for it to have come from this years spawn. They probably won't be spawning for several weeks yet.
At 2 1/2" it was probably hatched last summer.

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