Vertical Garden Plant help, growing on capillary/spreader mat

urbanpharmerOctober 23, 2012

Hello, Im using the Patrick Blanc method for an indoor vertical garden. I will be using a capillary/spreader mat (no soil) that will be secured to PVC and have nutrient water circulating (hopefully). I have an idea for how i will set this up but now i need help with what plants will survive this habitat.

I live in Denver Colorado zone 5b and i want to figure out what i can grow indoor and possibly outdoor. I would prefer something that i can use in the kitchen (herbs, vegetables, or fruits) I'm also open to ornamental plants or ivy. If you could help me out or just point me in the right direction. I just don't even know a good way to describe what I'm exactly looking for?? no soil/vertical plants?

thanks for any help you can give me!

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look into Thyme, Oregano, and mint. all have shallow root systems and tend to spread. how do you plan on providing light to your system?

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thanks grizzman! great suggestion that will make the house smell good too! my plan for lighting is that i have some track lights that I'm going to replace with some grow lights. For my first garden its not going to be anything huge this is all an experiment.

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If the track lights are florescent and mounted to the ceiling or wall, you would do better to have them hanging on a chain where you can raise them up and down as the plants grow. Florescents need to be close to the plant.

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good point! thanks for the heads up!

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