New to koi want to do a pond setup

jm82792March 1, 2008

Well I am wanting to do a say 8 foot rounded koi pond with a small on the side bog garden so the water pumps through it then goes into the pond but part of the pumps output goes to a small waterfall. Now I am trying to get an idea of costs ,I realize that I need a pump that pumps 2X as much water as the ponds size,a biological filter for the gallons in the pond and

maybe a uv clarifier /sterilizer. Realizing a rough calculation is around 1500 gallons it should be okay for koi.

I have been looking online and in some catalogs that I ordered. An external pump seems better since the submersibles are for smaller ponds am I correct ? I think an external biological filter is best for servicing but I'd like opinions. My estimemts are around $600 using an EPDM liner since PVC sounds short lived and cheap..

For plants some bog plants in a side by bog that looks nice and holds water maybe a small PVC liner ... I realize koi eat and ruin many plants so the bog idea seems best.

Well theres my idea ...

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Sorta answered my own question :) Oh well I'll do some updates later on.

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For $600 you might get a pump and liner.

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I agree with pikecoe. Your cost estimate seems too low. A few points...
DO go with an EPDM fish-safe pond liner (NOT pvc, NOT roofing liner).
For a pond of your planned size, you should probably use a submersible pump. There are ones in every pumping capacity category (not just for "smaller" ponds). It will also be less costly to run and will be one less piece of equipment to hide.
Where will your pump be installed? A skimmer box may be a good option.
The bog area, if of sufficient size and equipped with plants and gravel, will function as a bio-filter. But do also add the waterfall for better aeration.
UV's are not always necessary. Invest in a good pump and skimmer (if you are using one) before you buy a UV.

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