Please help - Tardiva?

Joopster(5 (Chicago))August 30, 2013

I got this from Lowes. The tag said Tardiva but when I googled it, it looks nothing like Tardiva. It's super top heavy with weak stems. It was pure white when I got it. Now turning pink and green.

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Joopster(5 (Chicago))

More pic

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Joopster(5 (Chicago))

Also, it's very weepy.

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Nice! Probably need to stake it unless you want your blooms on the ground. Definitely not Tardiva. Another case of mixed up tags.

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Joopster(5 (Chicago))

Yes, I will have to restake it, that's for sure. I staked with a small twixt last month when it was small, but it is growing so fast, even in the far corner with only 2-3 hours of morning sunlight. I still would like to know what it is tho.

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Being so droopy it looks like the original pee gee grandiflora. I have one trained into a tree form and it makes a pretty weeping tree once the flowers weigh down the branches. It could also be a young little lime which tends to be droopy when in a pot and young. There are a few varieties it coul be. Little Lamb looks similar also. It's hard to tell from a pic at this point bc your plant is so young and paniculata blooms are mostly similar but my guess is its the original pee gee. They are all pretty in my book :)

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Joopster(5 (Chicago))

I'm glad to hear that you can train it into a tree. I was just thinking this will look great as a tree since it weep.

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