First year in Virginia

davehertle(7)May 21, 2011

I had the good fortune to obtain iris from my sister in Indiana who had iris from our Mom's garden going back to the early 1950s. I planted these last June, about 80 Rhizomes, sharing some others with my son. Most of his were purple.

I intended to mark each plant with a small wood stick and cross reference with a photo album so that in the future when it is time to divide them, I can bring those of the same together.

Having fun going through iris catalogs trying to learn more of what I have.

Here is a link that might be useful: Scan the link for all the photos

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I like that color combination. Very nice.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

That looks like a fun project. You made a nice bed for them.

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The real fun is that in years to come I can pass on to Grand-daughters both iris and roses that came from their Great-Grandmothers on both sides

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penelope(Z6 KY)

I'm in the middle of the same type of project; I'm trying to ID my grandmother's iris. I also have her Spiderwort and Tigerlilies and her mother's Peonies.

This year, in addition to the pictures, I measured the stalk, kept a list of the order of bloom, and other descriptive notes. Finding the name is not easy - unless you have your mother's Iris books with the pictures circled. I know a lady that does - how nice is that?

Good Luck,

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Penny - Your suggestions add to what I am planning for next year. I thought I would place a small wood marker near each iris all individually numbered. As blooms appear, I will photograph them and keep an index using the wood markers as the reference.

I hope to eventually find out the full range of blooms that I have then regroup them for effect.

I have all sizes from dwarfs to talls, but only about 15-20% bloomed the first year, so this is a plan for late next summer. I have about 85 different rhizomes.

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