Indoor plant switched from flowering to vegetative photoperiod

shadoh6October 31, 2013

I have an indoor serrano pepper plant that was doing really great about a month ago, putting out dozens of new blooms with rich, green foliage, but now I have a serious problem. Here are the details:

Serrano pepper
Hand watered coco coir in a 7 gallon pot
Hydroponic nutrient 800-1000 ppm fed once daily
12 hours of HPS 600 watt light daily

About 3 weeks ago, aphids began to start attacking it starting from branches and leaves on the very interior of the plant. I removed the infested branches, applied various organic sprays (neem, garlic, spicy pepper, etc.) to no avail. Long story short, the aphids have killed off 60-80% of the leaves, and I have hope that the pesticide I am using will solve the problem of aphids for now.

My question is now that I want the plant to regrow its leaves, would it be advisable to switch to a 18/6 or 24/0 photoperiod to induce a vegetative state? There are only about 4-5 small peppers that have fruited, and I don't really care what happens to them since I am more concerned about the overall plant than a couple of underdeveloped fruit.

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Peppers are photoperiod independent. They will flower regardless of the lighting schedule.

Lady bugs eat aphids. You could try them, but be careful not to kill them with your sprays.

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Agreed. Peppers are not pot. the type of light and the amount of time will not affect flowering. That being said, if you are trying to regrow vegetation, 18/6 wouldn't be bad and the plant will grow faster than 12/12 but don't do 24/0. They need some darkness.

Notes seem high for coco being hand watered too. If you start to see shriveled new growth or dying growth tips, I would look to your nute strength first. In your type of application, you should be about 1/2 strength of where you are.

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I also am in agreement. However I have never been able to get a plant to "regrow" dead, damaged, or missing leaves along it's stem or branches. They always seem to be adding new leaves at the growing tips.

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