Spruce up an existing pond/stream?

Steph79(9a)April 23, 2013

Hi all,

DH and I recently bought a home with an established pond (koi & goldfish). First off, I never gave it much thought before, but now that we have a pond, I absolutely LOVE the whole idea. I'd rather have a pond than a swimming pool anyday!

We would like to spruce it up a bit though. The edges are flat flagstone and do not dip down into the water at all (revealing the liner). Also, there are no plant ledge for plants to disguise the edges.

We also have some cosmetic issues with the stream (also all flagstone).

The thing is, I can't find anything online showing how to change things about a pond. Anything related to 'renovation' is really just rip it out and start from scratch - so the supposed 'renovations' are really just building a pond. That's great and all, and we would do just that if we had a lot of extra $$ floating around, but we don't.

Does anyone have any experience, or know of any resources, regarding 'tinkering' with an existing pond?

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Maybe if you post a picture it would be easier to give advice.

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You could make shelves by putting stone block around the bottom and stack them to a height you like then take that slate that is sitting around the top of your pond and lay it on the blocks to make a nice shelf. Then get large rocks of different shapes and sizes and "break up" your shelf by laying a few here and there and stacking the stones up the sides to hide liner then lay larger stones around the edges hanging over the edge of the pond to give it a nice natural look. My plants are on the shelves and like I said rocks here and there with the plants in between makes it look very nice.

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