Does an Iris's name influence your selection?

alisande(Zone 4b)May 26, 2009

Of course, we all want irises that appeal to us visually. One might say that's the whole point. But they all have names, and those names can have an appeal all their own. Or, conversely, they can be a big turn-off.

Most of the iris in my garden have names that mean something to me, however obliquely. A good example of this is the very small order I put in (to BlueJ) yesterday. I hadn't planned to order this year, and was pretty determined to stick to that. But then I noticed some room in the front of one bed that IBs would fill so nicely. And then I started thinking about other reasons to add to my iris collection.....

I ordered to honor my dear cousin Terry, whom we lost late last year. The name reminds me of her, of course, but so does the coloring.

is for my 16-year-old dog, Angel. Again, not only the name, but the liberal use of grey in the coloration, as Angel is a grey Briard mix.

for my daughter Gillian, who died on Memorial Day eight years ago. I have many irises named for Jill.

for her Husky-Shepherd, Wolfy, who will join his beloved owner at some point in the not-too-distant future.

for this story, which brought me a much-needed check this year and which people (amazingly) still continue to read.

for another dog. His name was Thunder, and he was my first German Shepherd. Gone more than 30 years ago now, but never forgotten.

is for all the positive things in my life.

How about you? Is the name ever a factor in your selection?


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Yes I have but I though I was the only one . Its nice to know someone has done the same thing. I bought Starship Enterprise this year because my husband loves that show.

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tabarhodes(5, NM)

I generally buy b/c of the colors, but I imagine that if I came across an iris that had a name that spoke to me I'd do the same! Makes the garden more meaningful I imagine! Have you ordered from Blue J in the past? I placed my first order with them this year.

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alisande(Zone 4b)

Yes, this is my fourth year ordering from BlueJ. The previous orders were a lot larger, and BlueJ was generous with bonuses. I've been very pleased with the quality and service, and of course the prices.

Here's a link to photos of quite a few of my irises. Except for one or two historics, all are from BlueJ.

Here is a link that might be useful: Susan's Irises

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regattagirl(4a Minneapolis)

Probably, because it's fun to have a "reason" to create a collection.

I'd also collect based on crazy the one about the baboon's butt.

But if I love "the look" and the name doesn't mean anything, it would probably still go on my want list.

(With hosta, I could make a collection named for patriotic things, sewing things or names of my siblings, etc.)

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I got Abbey Road both because of its beauty & its name, & I too love Starship Enterprise.

& I've had the opposite impulse-

wouldn't get "Pretty Quadroon" or "Harlem Hussey" (or some such) because I don't like the name.

& "Bride's Halo"-
seems weird to think of a bride having a halo;
angels have haloes, brides have veils & white dresses.

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I don't think so. I look at the catalog photos and think about how I hope it is going to bloom. These bloomed for the first time this year, blue one has more lavender shades than I wanted (Mariposa Skies) looked Dark Blue in photo, guess it's mostly blue after all. I love the second one; it's even more gorgeous today (Chasing Rainbows). I don't think I looked at the names until I saw the photo unless it was subconscious. I do like the names though.

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