Koi-free in Maryland

rayinmaryland(z7Maryland)April 1, 2009

Free Koi, 4" to 6" free. Located in Forest Hill, Maryland. I will be cleaning my pond in the next 2-6 weeks and I have too many Koi. I would like to give 15 plus Koi to someone that needs fish. Very pretty Koi, I just have too many, every year they have 15-20 babies. Bring your containers.

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I live in Westminster and own a 10,000 gal koi pond. I also have some koi looking for a new home. Maybe we can trade something? Let me know.

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Hi! I'm looking for koi. Someone or something took all of my koi and large goldfish a month ago when I was on vacation. I'm missing my fish and wanted to see if you still had the koi and would like them to go to a wonderful new home.

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I a looking for koi that need a good home. I lost all my large ones last winter during the big snowstorm in MD.

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Hi Maryland Koi enthusiasts. I realize this is an old thread but I am starting a new pond and wondering if anyone has 3 or so koi for adoption in 2012. They would have a caring home! Thanks Kristina in Lutherville, md

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Hello im looking to adopt any koi to my lake 3-0-1-8-0-7-5-3-0-3
my name is theo i have a 2 acre lake im looking for koi or carp to help maintain the lake clean

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We have 4 Koi that need a Home. My in-laws are moving and they won't be able to take the Koi with them. These are about 16 inches long and have been raised in the same pond since they were babies. They are very well taken care of and can feed from a bottle.
One is Orange/Black
One is Pure white
One is white with blue spots
One is white with large orange spots and some black.

We hope to sell them at a reasonable price, but finding a good home is the most important thing. There are many goldfish as well including fantails.
Located in Westminster, MD.

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what are you asking for all your koi i would be interested in them

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A note to all the pond owners posting here. I am a local pond contractor. We design and install ecosystem ponds. We also repair and maintain ponds including spring cleanouts. I am often asked by clients if I can get them fish. If you have koi, chubunkins etc. that are healthy and in need of a new home, I can help find adoptive owners for your fish. Call me at 443-829-4462, who knows maybe we can help you make the most of your pond.

Here is a link that might be useful: ponds, patios and waterfalls home page

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