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steviedude100April 8, 2006

hey people im fairly new to this pond buisness and this looks like the best place to ask all my newbie questions...i have a pond which is 3 meters long 2.5 meters wide and 0.3 meters deep fairly rubbish! but i think that i have a split in my liner so i am wanting to put a new liner down (but in the mean time i wish to increase the size to 5meters by 4.5meters and 1 meter deep!) but i am not sure how to make a pond as the one i have got is the one which came with the house when we brought it. so can you give me some ideas on how to make one (what materials do i put under the liner etc) also could you advise me on some good makes to buy too

thanks. Steve

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sorry people but i have just realised that my conversion from feet to meters was rubbish so ill just tell you the sizes in foot, at the moment the pond is 7ft x 5ft x 1ft deep and i may extend it to 10.5ft x 8.5 x 3ft deep...still need advice on what to do though

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carrie1964(6b Ky)

Hey Stevie,
I would post this in Ponds and Aqutic plants forum.It gets alot more traffic and you`ll get help there!
Good Luck

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how would i put it there, im new to this forum!

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carrie1964(6b Ky)

Here you go....

Here is a link that might be useful: ponds and aquatic plants

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