Fish Dieing

rapidwiz(Zone 5)April 14, 2013


I have lost a few fish this spring and want to know if any one has any ideas. I have had the pond for about 2 years. I know spring is the most dangerous with the bacteria and I guess I expect younger fish to die. But I am having fairly mature fish die for no reason.

I am in zone 5, so water doesn't get too cold, but maybe cold enough. Should I try bringing the fish in over winter?

My pond is 4.5 deep and I specifically built it to handle the milder winters. I keep my pump and air filter going thru out winter.

I did a PH and Ammonia Test and seems to be fine.

I have Gold Fish and Koi. The Gold Fish seem to weather it just fine. I have about 10 koi ranging from 14" to 3". I just had my 16" koi die.

I was thinking of getting a 300 Gallon Stock tank and keeping it indoors for the winter and shutting down the large pond ?


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If your using city water are you checking chlorine levels? What do you add to your water like koi caly, bacteria...etc.

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rapidwiz(Zone 5)

I live in a remote area and we get our walk from a lake. I don't or haven't added any clay or bacteria. When I first started the pond, I bought some beneficial bacteria, but typically don't add any. I assume as the warm weathr starts, bacteria will naturally build up.

First time I have heard about koi clay

Water is about 45 degrees at the moment.


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