small diy aeroponic advice?

katy_bug(z8a GA)October 16, 2012

I have a small experiment at work where I want to look at the root structure of corn seedling. True aeroponic systems are supposed to produce finer root structures which would be great for imaging roots with a microscope.

Any websites for simple diy aerogarden-like build. I really only need the ability to grown 10-12 seedlings at a time up to about 12 inches tall. We have a plant growth room with lights.

The aerogarden looks like a good option, but since I am more interested in the roots than the plants, from what I can tell its more of a hydroponic system than aeroponic system.

I could do it all with a rubbermaid tub. I mainly need advice on the fogger build and nutrient needs.

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What's your budget? If you want the best roots, you need to produce a very small droplet mist, which means you either need to buy a fogger or use a system with a pump that runs at a high pressure, 35+ psi. Neither is especially cheap.

Low-budget "aero" uses a mag-drive pump that moves water, but does not make pressure. The mist droplets are much larger. It works, just not as spectacularly.

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