Think I over pruned....

christieg77August 16, 2014

Hi folks,
I have 4 cityline hydrangas that haven't bloomed this summer. One did have a couple of blooms but the other three did not. After some research I think I might have overpruned them. I probably should have left them alone but read somewhere that they should be pruned. So anyways it's too late to undo that, but my question is - will the blooms be back next year if I leave them alone and don't do any pruning this year? Or are they ruined for good? :(

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

They aren't ruined for good, but you likely removed any flower buds for this year with your pruning. They bloom on wood produced the previous year, if you remove that, no flowers. The Cityline series charm in part is that they are more compact plants that can work in a smaller garden. Other than removing any winter damage, they really shouldn't require pruning at all, only deadheading if you wish to do that - removing the spent blooms to tidy up the plants.

You don't say which gardening zone you are living in. These are macrophylla hydrangeas and flower buds may be killed by harsh winters, Spring freezes if not protected too.

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Ok thanks morz. I live in Ontario and yes we did have a brutal winter ("polar vortex") but I protected them. So will the flower buds regrow and be back next year do you think?

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Springwood_Gardens(6B Pittsburgh)

Lack of pruning (aside from removing dead wood) has been *the* key marketing point for the Cityline series since it was introduced.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

They are setting their buds for next years display now. If you protect again and winter is a little kinder you will have flowers. If you don't prune and still don't have flowers, it will be your cold to blame in your climate.

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