new hydro pic's

pepperbox(Maine)October 12, 2004
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I'm sorry I guess I don't know how to post pic's. The way I did it work on other sites. Any suggestions?

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I don't know how to post pics either, but they can still be viewed by copying the url. That is a nice system.

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SirTanon(z9 AZ)

Let me see if I can't repost those links, somewhat edited for HTML code..

That last one (#7) doesn't seem to want to come through, so I omitted it.

Looks good from here! :D

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SirTanon Thanks a lot for posting the pic's. I called the store that I ordered my supplies from. Some how UPS lost my package and there re-shipping. It will be next tuesday before I see the nutes and stuff. We can start planting then. In the mean time the poor little plants are getting water only. The geranium dose'nt seem to mind though. It's gone into veg. cycle. Lots of new groth.
Thanks again; Joe

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SirTanon, nice system. ItÂs hard to tell if you are using any media  is it a NFT system? What html code did you get to work? Also, on the fifth picture, are those caps you made to keep the chamber sealed until you put plants in them? They add a nice touch.

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Baci; I used the plugs that I removed from the hole saw as I was drilling them. There 3" holes. All I did was pry them out with a screwdriver. The hole saw uses a pilot drill so the center hole is drilled at the same time. I ripped some 4" long x 3/4" wide strips from the left over pipe and drilled a hole in the center, then I bought some cheap wooden knobs and screwed them together. They help hold the moisture in the system till I get the plants in. I think they'll come in handy in the future, plus they look kinda cool.
It's a deep flow system. I tried to get away from a timer so I have two totes with a 1/2 inch hose that goes from one to the other. The hose has an orifice I made to slow the water so it takes 15 min. for the two to equallize. The tote in the back has a sump pump with a built in float switch. Most of the water is bypassed back into the tote so it takes 15 min. for the float switch to trip off. Well thats what it's suppost to do! I've found that the heat from the pump heats the water to much.
I had to cut down on the time it runs by making the tote drain faster. Right now its on for 5 min. and off for 15 min.. The nute temp. is 78 deg. The plants that are in there are thriving just the way it is. So I don't know, looks good from here.
I got all my supplies in and I'm using the clay pellets in net bag I made up. The net bag material comes from a fishing gear store. They sell it to lobster fisherman to make bait bags for there traps. Tie-raps hold them in place.

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The chamber caps are a great idea. They might also provide a way to cool the nutrient during hot weather. Pepperbox, can I use your idea on fishing net material for net pots in the GW Net pot FAQ? Forum users often look for money saving tips & this is a great idea to add to the FAQ. It is at:

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