Tomatoes thyme... leafe curl droop problem?

ryanonthebeachOctober 1, 2011

Hi All

This is my first hydro grow, and am having some issues, found some very useful information here and was wondering if you could help.


Type: NFT

Lights: 180w blackstar LED, 12" from tops.

PH 6.2

PPM 380

Nutes: GH Flora equal parts of grow, micro, bloom (only change to this yesterday was on 15-5-15 before this at 300PPM.

Age: 2 weeks


One tom has downward leaf curl and a white spot. The other a white spot and one thyme plant has yellow leaves.

See photos:;feat=directlink

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On thing I forgot to mention is the tap root on the one with downward leaf curl was growing up out of the side of the rockwool. I departed some of the rockwool was careful but may have damage some roots.

The NFT "drip" pump is running 24/7

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OK, so I've been doing a bunch of reading around the web and am starting to get a picture of what may be wrong with these little toms. Underside of leaves are purple on older leaves but not the veins... may well be a nute deficiency? Also checked my conversion from PPM to EC and with my meter it's at EC of 1-1.2 (around 500PPM)
So upped the nutrients but now the leaves started to curl up... before the new leaves on one plant where curling down!
Seriously confusing, figure I'll up the nutes to 600 and if they don't look better by tomorrow then it may be too many nutes? so flush them for a few hours with 0PPM water and go to half nutes?

Would seriously appreciate help with this if someone has an idea what's going wonky with these toms.

Here's an update on the pics:;feat=directlink

Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures

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ok, so not getting any responses on this forum, but will continue to post in case I figure this out and it helps someone in future.
Kept upping the PPM adding bloom since purple on tomatoes is supposed to be a phosphors deficiency? got to over 800 which I'm pretty sure is too high for this stage (just over 2 weeks old) of growth. Not much change so far so I've decided to flush the reservoir. Found that the bottom was coated with crystals, may have nutrient lock? no idea but flushing anyways. On a side note the basil don't seem to give a damn about the problems the other plants are having, they are doing great, guess they live in their own world.

Will update with the results.

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Looks like phosphorus deficiency. I don�t know how you calculate the concentration of phosphorus with the GH Flora but you should have a phosphorous final concentration of 48 ppm. The crystals could be calcium phosphate, you should check the pH every day and adjust with acid if it is necessary.

I suggest you this concentration:
N: 100
P: 48
K: 160
Ca: 120
pH = 5.7
about 600 ppm (1st - 5th week)

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Thanks for the advice and the numbers James! Much appreciated.
Going to see if I can get a test kit for some of these chems that way I can be sure to get the right mix. I'm not impressed with GH and it's literature, very vague.
As I said on the last post I've flushed the system for a few hours with distilled water and started again, problem is I went for around 700 PPM and now am out of town for a few days. Let's hope the little buggers are still kicking when I get back.

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If the problem is when the concentration of GH is 700 ppm, I think is because that amount of GH don't have enough acid to low the pH. Maybe the water you use is hard. And if you use distilled water you should be careful because the pH can low too much.
In the future you should obtain sulfuric acid to control the pH by yourself.
You could prepare your own nutrients by buying the salts, I think it is cheaper than GH and you can control your own concentrations.

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I'm pretty obsessed with the PH it rarely ever goes out of range. I have a tester and calibration solution, PH up and down etc. I agree that the GH nutes are definitely not optimal for Toms. Have ordered some CalMag to get closer to balance.
Meeting the other nutrient requirements of tomatoes with GH Flora means I'll have to push the nitrate way too high which will fry my other plants. Moving more to a bloom mix 1-2-3 with calmag looks like it will get close.
Was looking into buying my own salts but will do that once/if I up the scale of the system, very small at the moment.
Tomatoes are looking better now that I've moved closer to the right nutrient levels.


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Well the tomatoes now have buds after 30 days.
They still have some leaf curl from stress and have started upping the PPM to around 700. Been adding calmag over the last two weeks, 2ml per gal. Using the formula for bloom of 7ml grow, 4ml micro, 6ml bloom, 2ml calmag and adding some water to dilute to the PPM. Using a flowing LED lights. Happy they have buds already, thought it was supposed to take 60 days or so.

Thanks for the help James.

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