Invisible koi or dead?

ademink(z5a-5b Indianapolis)May 3, 2006

I introduced 2 new koi - approx. 5" long - to my pond 3 weeks ago. Normally when I put in new fish, it's only a matter of days before they're swimming w/ the rest of the herd.

I've not seen hide, hair nor scale of these two from day one! My pond is NOT clear so that obviously poses a disadvantage but still, I've never gone so long w/o seeing fish! Have you all experienced fish hiding out for this long after introducing them to your pond?

Do I just have a couple of wallflowers?


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a couple possibilities.

they could still be shaken up from the stress of a new environment and are in hiding. sometimes it takes weeks for them to come around.

another possibility is that they died or became ill and were picked off very quickly by a predator. New arrivals often die if not properly quarantined before putting them in the pond. The koi are highly stressed from being bagged and moved about. when stressed they lose their slime coat which is their natural defense against parasites and bacteria. So while the koi in your pond are healthy the new koi can become sick in the same water.

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I have seen new small koi hide for six months before when first put into the pond.

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Good chance they are hiding and nosing around that large pond of yours, eating bug larvae and snacking away on plant roots. They probally think they are on a great vacation :). Let us know when they show up. What type are they?


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carrie1964(6b Ky)

Hi Andrea,
I put four new Koi in several weeks ago.The two larger(9") have been schooling and eating fine since day one. But my two butterfly babies ares still hiding pretty much all the time. Last night they did dart out and get some pellets.They seem to stick together.I just quit looking for them and hope eventually they will come out! Ibet yours are fine...just shy. But they will come around I`m sure!
Good Luck!

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ademink(z5a-5b Indianapolis)

Whoohoo! One has shown up and is suddenly eating w/ the rest of the herd. It cracks me up b/c he is SO small compared to the others. You don't realize it until they're all together and there's this little 4 inch whippersnapper going to town chowin' w/ the 30" big girl!

Still no sign of the other one. Makes me think maybe it died and so the little one started schooling w/ the others when it disappeared instead of buddying up w/ the one more it's size...?

just a thought..

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carrie1964(6b Ky)

Hey Andrea,
The same thing happened with one of mine. She came out but she still hides under the big fish!
I thought the second one might be dead, but when I vacumed the pond Saturday...he popped out from behind a plant for a few minutes!
I bet he might still be in there!

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Good news! Hope the other one shows up soon.

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ademink(z5a-5b Indianapolis)

YAAAAY! They are both happy, healthy and eating with the rest of the "herd". LOL They're so daggone cute, I can't believe the second one hid for as long as he did! :)

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I bought 6 little koi 2 weeks ago and they have been hiding ever since. Once in a while I might catch a glimpse of a tail under a rock hallow. I'm hoping they'll get big enough and not be able to hide so well and I hope they are all still alive. I'm glad yours are OK.

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I never really know who survived the summer till I pull them for the indoor tank in my little pond. I've been unable to prevent a cat from fishing and lost two new koi this year and uncounted comets over the last 3 summers. After they survive a few weeks most fish figure out pretty quick what to watch for and I try to give a lot of hiding. I'm also planning to enlarge the pond so they'll have more hiding space. Another person I know reported losing fish and when the culprit was found out, it was a heron that flew in. You can also lose fish to human thieves if your garden is accessible or known. Short of a security camera or a stakeout it's hard to know sometimes what's going on.

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I am in the same situation this pond went in last year..added 7 koi about a week ago have seen 4 so far on occ. my pond is not clear either .. I have only just found this forum thankfully..because I have tried since day 1 to get answers and there hasn't been anybody I can find out there to help me...I don't know what to do..

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I've got a 6 inch goldfish that has not come out of the rocks for about a week. To my knowledge it is/was healthy. If it is a spawning female, would she go MIA to keep away from other males to lay her eggs and stay hidden to protect them? I don't thick a predator got it. thanks

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