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4kids2love(7)May 7, 2013

I'm new to this site but it seems this is the one I continually come back to for information about our fish, bullfrogs, plants, & pond water quality. I've read many and various koi websites and it seems everyone has a slightly different opinion about feeding habits.
After a year with our seven beautiful fish, (photo of Raggy and Wallop is from early spring), I actually still wonder if we're over or underfeeding. (We have a fantail and a comet each 5"; two koi that are 6-8"; and three koi that are 4-5".)
Originally we were flinging unidentified amounts of koi pellets and watching to see what they could eat in 2-5 minutes daily. I finally adjusted to a tablespoon scoop so we could at least feed them a more uniform amount and begged everyone to remember that once a day might be sufficient and we need to check with each other before we feed them...but they will always eat what's tossed in. (Although my 11 year old still comes inside sometimes and says, "I just fed the fish!" about an hour after I've fed them...) We now feed them between 2 and 4 heaping TBSP's. Of course this is not a strict amount, the 8" is a big mouth koi can really gobble so we always watch to see who's getting to eat (or not) and toss in more or less accordingly. Does 2-4 TBSP of daily koi pellets for seven fish this size sound ((about)) right?

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I feed mine a handful every time I go outside. BUT I also clean the filter material every couple of days to keep the water clean and do frequent water changes.. Mine are huge and very healthy..

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chrisware(5-6 wv)

Ours get fed several times a day, but we have one connected to another by a stream with a large submerged filter. You'll just need to be careful depending on your pond size. More eats = More poops ;)
Our larger koi are about 18-20 inches and I think they'd eat non stop. I had a new baby koi last year that was 3 inches... now about 8
That least ours eat each day is 3 times, but once won't hurt them.

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