Pinky Winky

goswimmin(7b)August 9, 2009

I purchased Pinky Winky from Park Seeds about 3 years ago.

This is the first year to actually see any blooms. They had charged quite a lot for a small 4" pot.

I have maybe 5 blooms on it and instead of it turning pink it is going right from the white color to brown. On just one little part I saw a hint of pink before the brown took over.

I would love to see a picture of someone's Pinky that did in fact do what was advertised, turn shades of pink.

Mary/Gainesville, GA

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I purchased mine last year in a 3 gallon size. She wasn't planted under very good conditions as I moved in the middle of the summer. I will need to shape her better next year, but I really love her blooms right now. She is just starting to change color and is not open completely. The pictures do not really do her justice. She is much prettier in person.

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ostrich(3a AB)

Well, yours is doing way better than mine!!! Mine is now recovering from the deer attack from over a month ago. It's just full of foliage now and not many blooms.... sigh! Anyway, thanks for showing the pretty photos!

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I am up in Canada and have Pinky Winky

This will be its second year
It is quite a good size now and lots of blooms I have not counted them.
Still white but will be pink soon
Will take a photo when the pink begins.
I just wish the blooms where round. Last year, silly me, I trimed the top off the bloom to make each one look round

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Wow Macgyver - Those look like huge blossoms on a 2nd season shrub huh?


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I recieved my Pinky Winky this year from Park Seed.
My question is does the plant need to face a certain
direstion to do best?
I have a Snow Queen that is six years old and has been
moved twice. No blooms this year and yes it has bloomed before. There is a Snow Queen located in my same town which went crazy blooming this year and it is a totally different direction as mine.
Just curious, Val

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Both 'Pinky Winky' (H. paniculata) and 'Snow Queen' (H. quercifolia) are quite sun tolerant but perhaps would prefer just a bit of shade/protection from the hottest portion of the day in a zone 9 location. So it is not so much a matter of what direction they face, but the location. Depending on the specific setting, afternoon shade can be accomplished in any direction.

If the most current transplant of the 'Snow Queen' was recent, the shrub may just be settling in again and pouting. Flowering shrubs often take a season or two off after transplanting - they are busy re-establishing a root system rather than focusing on flowers.

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Wow! I have lots of blooms on my first year plant, but just little hints of pink before they're turning brown. Sure hope next year mine looks like this! Thanks so much for giving me hope!

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