I poisoned my koi... please help!

ginfenMay 11, 2014

I have a horrible situation. My husband has a beautiful pond and HAD some beautiful koi.... 20+ each named of course.... and some albino catfish, goldfish etc. I made the mistake of clipping our junipers and got clippings in the pond. All of our large fish are dead and the others are struggling. Obviously I did not know juniper needles are poison to fish. He is devastated and I'm trying to figure out how to help. We can replace the koi but obviously do not want to do so without making sure the pond is fit for them. Do you have any advice? Do we need to drain? We have removed all visible clippings from the pond. Any help is appreciated....

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what I think you need to drain about 50% of your water and bring up the salt level to .4 and back wash the filter very good. Let see if that would help.


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