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mistyreinyOctober 25, 2013

i'm trying to grow ghost peppers bush t strand and Trinidad scorpion moruga strand peppers. They are 200 and 400 times hotter than Tabasco sauce. right now, ghost used to hold the world record for hottest, until moruga were found. I'm thinking chili with light flavoring from these guys would be delicious. but i'm getting tired of watering them at least 3 times a day. so hydroponics is the obvious choice. I already have pvc pipes and a bilge pump , im an electrical engineer in my junior year so stepping it down is easy, i dont need 600gph obviously, i need the pvc plans though. i have a ton of time on my hands now, recovering from shattering my spine from a dirt bike in may.

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I can find pictures of 2liter bottles and red solo cups being used, but I want a site that has the dimensions and size of the pvc pipes being used. Hopefully somebody on this site has seen a website similar to what I'm searching for

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You're thinking NFT. People do it in 4" PVC. I like 6" green sewer pipe better. Square fence post rails also work very well. They sell net pots in many sizes, 3.5" is good for peppers. You will want a smaller pump, probably a mag drive; the sump pump you have will make the reservoir too hot when run constantly. Pump the water into a spray line with holes every few inches. I like 1/2" CPVC for the spray line and hole made from a 1/8th" drill bit. The water will enter the line and pee down every 6-8" or so, ideally between each plant site. Then it flows down the pipe and returns to the reservoir. You can make a drain pipe that lets you adjust the water level within each pipe.

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NFT will not work that well for peppers. THey get too big. The scorpion Butch T I grew this year had a canopy of about 25 sq.ft. and a huge root ball.

Try either DWC, drip system in dutch buckets or a flood and drain table.

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I believe this is the site you're after.
If I'm not mistaken, the sites author used to partake of this forum.

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