Got Fish?

faizur(6)May 5, 2013

Pond fish to be exact. I live in Jersey and there's no one in the area with a pond. Just wondering if anyone had any extra fish. I currently have your standard pond, gold fish and koi, along with local sun fish. Used to have a foot long catfish but found out that it was aggressive and ate a couple of the smaller fish.

Even if you don't have anything to offer, I'd love to here about your own pond.

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Have you tried Craigslist for your area? I put koi or whatever fish you want in; all for sale, pet, and the free section.. I have gotten several very nice fish off of there.

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I will have shubunkin and fancy tail gold fish soon the shubunkin are about 1/2 size of a feeder fish right now and the fancy tail gold fish are just newly hatched fry

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Oops, forgot about this thread. I don't suppose anyone else has any ideas? And brandyyoho, are you around central Jersey?

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