New Pond going in

doodlevw(Zone 5)May 13, 2011

Here is what I am planning to do and I am looking for advice on if it will be overkill or not. My pond will be about 4500 gallons with fish and plants. So I am thinking a 2300-2500 gph pump. It will have a tree that will be over about half of it because I can not avoid it. A bottom 4 inch drain going to a skimmer (possibly 10-15 feet of hose), pump placed in the skimmer (possibly 10-15 feet of hose)and outflow going to a bio-filter. From the bio filter it will make a waterfall. My guess would waterfall will be 3 feet high and 2 feet wide. Flex PVC will be used at the same scale or larger than the outlets(?) ports(?) on the pump.

Am I thinking correctly or am I causing overkill? Will the pump be enough for the amount of hose? For the waterfall?


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Koi ponds need the water to be filtered @ least 1 time per hr or 1.5 times so you need to be pumping @ least 4500 GPH

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