First paniculata in my collection that didn't bloom

whaas_5a(5A SE WI)August 10, 2013

not only in the first year but also not in the second year. I've grown 90% of the paniculata on the market and this damn bombshell hasn't bloomed.

I'll give it one more year and they get shovel pruned. I noticed the majority of garden centers aren't selling them this year.

In other news the selection Bobo is an absolute hit. It might surpass Little Lime as the premier dwarf selection as it doesn't appear that it will get as big.

The bombshell bust without a single flower bud. Thats five plants sitting there too.

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You are not the only one. I saw a post from someone complaining about Bombshell. Then a few more. I contacted BallHorticultural, the wholesaler saying that they no longer recommend that people prune this plant. When I asked if he meant 'no pruning in Spring', he said 'no pruning'.

I guess they think that pruning is the problem but he evaded the question. Oddly, the problem has been reported by people who have not pruned theirs yet because it is too small to need pruning.

Bombshell was advertised as early flowering by the wholesaler. I am wondering if the flower buds are developing early and frosts are killing them. Pure speculation on my part at this point...

Any chance in your case that deer ate the flower buds?

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I'm with you on the Bobos. I bought 11 of them from mail order. They came as tiny plants but the took off and are blooming amazingly-nonstop. I can't believe how amazingly well they are doing considering they just went in the ground this season. Started blooming early too for a paniculata. I LOVE them.

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I have no deer and no late frosts and never pruned, so none of those can be the problem and my 'Bombshell' has not bloomed either. Nice, lush looking plants but no flowers. Other paniculatas that I grow - even under some pretty stressed circumstances - are still managing to produce flowers. I'm inclined to agree with those considering this a pretty inferior selection.........

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You can say that again!

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Planted a 2 foot Bombshell this year abut 10 feet from a Little Lamb that has never failed to bloom. They are both in a cemetary so not much care but no bloom on Bombshell.

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

Interesting to hear a few others have the same issues. I'm convinced its the cultivar as its strange that 5 pants wouldn't have bloomed at this point. I actually never ran into a paniculata that didn't bloom the first year.

Early freezes are worth consideration but that would be a bit odd. My Limelight/Little Lime didn't develop flower buds until July.

The most advanced cultivars I have are Mystic Flame and Quick Fire. The rest are all in the white phase or just beginning to open up.

I didn't prune these planting spring 2012. No damage either.

One more year!

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Same here, I bought five from lowes for a total of $5.00 last year... I planted them in a mass, behind a white jamaquoi birch tree and placed wine and roses wigelia behind, and geranium rozanne in front, and karl forester grass off to the side of the wigelia. Only one of the five bloomed and it only had three flowers. Fortunately, the other plants bloomed spectacularly, so the bombshell played a more foundational role in the bed.. DO NOT BUY THIS PLANT TO BE A SHOW STOPPER FOCAL POINT. LITTLE LIME AND BOBO ARE MUCH BETTER SELECTIONS.. Buy this as a great informal mass deciduous shrub to anchor more floriferous plants around.
I really like mine, but only in a mass. I bought 7 more from lowes for $7.00!! Really great yellow fall color right now!

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I had a few blooms on mine but that may be the side more exposed to full sun. Not a great shape either.

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I bought several of the last year and had good success with them. I posted pics on a different thread earlier this summer. Still, I'd agree that they don't have nearly the same impact that Little Lime or Bobo might provide.I am actually planning to replace my Bombshells. I got them on great clearance at Lowes too so not a super loss. I am going to go with Little Lime.

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