My Hydroponics at 19 days

rayinpenn(6)October 3, 2012

As of Friday night its been 19 days - all we have done is to add 5 gallons more nutrient mix. Evaporation plus what the plants are consuming I assume. You could probably duplicate my setup for under 200 all in if you use pipes in leiu of the premade channels.

All growing like mad and racing the winter clock. What is really nice its been pretty much a 'hands off affair'.

I dont remember the cucumber leaves being so tremendous?

They are starting to compete for space.

Slight something on the edge of the bibb here. Carolyn checked the PH yesterday 5.8.

Put my hand in this one to add some scale.

You want evidence of the greenhouse effect look at the high in the hi/low temp 116 degrees. The outside tempurature never got out of the 70s. Pretty staggering but I am sure the tomatoes loved it.

I was thinking those LED grow lights sure look interesting.

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Nice setup. My thermometers always read high when they are in the sun, so it might not have gotten all the way to 116 in there, which is good for your plants. Nothing likes it that hot.

The cukes and tomatoes are soon going to get too big and clog your channel with their roots. They also require a different nutrient mix in order to make fruit. You might plan on moving them to buckets or a different system before they get too big.

Good luck with everything.

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Looks great and a very clean setup! Thanks for posting pics...always great to see someone's setup and an NFT to boot.

Well done!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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