Any more guesses on these two plants ID ?

leafwatcher(zone 5)June 13, 2013

First of all I always hate to ask question on NO-IDs, I know it sometimes takes over the board ! I hate having unknown plants in away, but I prefer no name to the wrong name..
(if that makes sense )
Here is the bright one given to me by a friend this picture was taken in the early spring.

and now..

and another division of the same plant.

This is a mis-marked plant from a grocery store of all places.. Before I knew better I bought plants that way. This one was mis-marked BLUE BOY..

A quarter on the leaf for scale.

Anyhow I keep hoping someone sees something that makes them positive of the ID, if not well... every Garden needs a MYSTERY.

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Sea Fire on the yellow one? just my guess...

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

I was going to guess Dawn's Early Light on the first one, but I think Melati has it right. Dawn's Early Light is a Sea Prize seedling and they share that early brightness. But Sea Prize leaves are smoother and rounder. So I think that's an accurate ID.

Why do you think the first one is not Blue Boy?


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My first thought on the yellow one was also Sea Fire and I was thinking Blue Umbrellas on the second one which looks way too big to be Blue Boy.

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I looked at the Hosta Library photos of Blue Boy, and depending on the age of your hosta, it is a possible match.

What color are the flowers on yours? That can sometimes determine the ID.

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

The second one does have some similarity to Blue Umbrellas, but something makes me think it's an old timer. Maybe Blue Blazes. Check the library pics on that one.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

the yellow... how many years did the friend own it.. some of the names suggested.. havent been around long enough .. to have been sitting in her yard for a decade ...

or did she buy it for you as a gift???

as to the green ... well... i have about 800 named green hosta.. good luck with that ...

if.. emotionally.. you cant deal with it not having a name.. give a garden name ... or get rid of it ...

as i have been know to say.. a hundred dollar hosta without a name.. is a 5 dollar hosta ...


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kiendu(WIS z4)

I'm probably totally wrong.. as I suck at ID's... but I have a yellow that looks like yours...

Mine is Fried Banana's... and it's been around a long time. ??

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leafwatcher(zone 5)

I would say as a guess the plant I removed the bright Hosta from was at least 5-8 years in her garden? Just guessing by the size it was when I separated it off.

As to the possible blue boy, I thought the pics on Hosta Library for blue boy look more like Halycon then what I have. My plant never shows any waxy blue, it is green to be sure..

I guess it isn't that important as I really like the big green leaves. Its the only plant I have with that look.

As to the flowers Ken , I don't recall.. but it seems it flowers late. I can't really see pink that well being a little color blind. I will try to remember pics of the flower to update this thread..

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kalija(6 WNY)

I"m not so good with id's - but take a look at Big Boy in the hosta library. It jumped into my head when I saw those big green leaves.

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leafwatcher(zone 5)

Some of those pics under Big Boy do look pretty close to it.. I will see if the flowers are low and similar when it blooms.

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