Evaporation for a pond estimate help?

mcasselMay 15, 2007


I am building a house and wanted to have a pond by the front door that would be 16' X 4' and 2' deep, so essentially I have 128 cubic feet of water. I am planning for the pond to be made out of concrete. It is on the south side with next no shade. There will be a 3' water fall at one end. There will be some vegetation and a few fish...

Not sure if there are any other variables, any help would be appreciated.

thanks Mark

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garbird(zone6 KY)

Depends a lot on temperature and relative humidity, but in the summertime in KY my ponds loose about an inch a week to evaporation.

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I live in Buckeye, AZ and it gets pretty hot these days. I tend to lose an inch a day. 1/5 of it is due to splashing, which I need to adjust.

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You might want to check with some other people but I've been told that concrete is not good for the fish & can make them sick. Good luck Pond liner is better if your going to have fish.

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