Help with Koi changing colors

fldirt(z9Fl)June 5, 2006

I have a black & orange Koi about 18in long which has started to get white areas on its body. The white is on the fins, around & up the gills & above the eyes. I know that Koi can change colors but is this normal. He appears to be fine...eating & swiming OK. The areas don't appear to be raised. Can anyone help? My other fish are fine in the pond.

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yes, the Hi (red) and Sumi (black) will fade over time. Sumi is the most unpredictable color and can fade and return several times in a koi's lifetime. Part of this is environment (food, water quality, etc) but mostly it is genetics.

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Thank you so much for information. I was afraid something was wrong with him/her.

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sculpt4joy(z5 NH)

The old saying from Japanese Koi breeders that I have heard is "black comes(more) red goes(fades away)" I never heard anything about white. I have noticed this in my Koi as well. Their black gets more with time.

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I have had problems with keeping my koi with any black to stay black besides the Chaigoi and another which are almost all black. One of them I had lost all his black spots, he turned into a tancho, another I have rubs his sides and is rubbing off his black color. Havnet had any problems with red in my pond.

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sculpt, I don't think thats an old saying. Not just because I have never heard it, but also because its not true. The sumi (black) is the most fickle, it will frequently fade and the return elsewhere. The sumi comes in much later, sometimes it will take 2,3 or even 4 years for it to fully develop...or it may never come in all the way.

Hi (red, pronounced Hee) is a bit more predictable and easier to read. not saying it never fades, but it doesn't come and go and come back again like sumi. Also, the Hi is usually present at a very young age and develops sooner and faster. Often times people buy what they think is a sanke and a few years later the sumi develops and they realize its a showa.

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I got a showa with some black so see if it stays.. posted some pics of him, but my last one lost all his black spots and then was carried off by American Herons airlines...

Here is a link that might be useful: Fish pics

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I have two large orange females, but all they have are black offsprings. I have no black males, but have introduced some white/orange and solid white fish, hoping to get some varigated fish. The new fish are all under 8 inches and I don't know if they are males yet. Do solid black infant fish ever change colors?

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Yesterday we purchased a solid pearl white koi from the local pet store. When we got him home we left him in the bag in the pond for a few minutes before releasing him into the pond with our other fish and koi. When we went to let him free i noticed that our once solid white koi had changed to a black body and white fins and head. What would cause a koi to change so drastically so fast?

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I read somewhere that water temperature affects depth of colour, especially black accents with more colour at cooler temps. My pond stayed quite cool because it's shaded till midday and this is a cool climate. My little Gin Matsuba came out with sharply defined blacks within a few weeks of arriving this spring. It makes sense as black would act to gather solar heat in cooler climates, whereas in warm water it would be a liability to be black and absorb more heat. So it can be something that changes, like snowshoe hares and ermines, to suit the conditions.
I'm just speculating, as I'm still quite new to koi keeping.

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What made this happen? I've had these since babies and have always wanted a color change, but they are a bit agitated and all are orange! What is wrong?! Help please so I can help them.



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Further to colour change, I'm all in a tizzy because one of my twins, speck and spot, has lost all her sumi! Spot's are still large and strong, but speck just has a few around her fins. I can see red veining at the base of her fins but do not know if they are normal or not. In the pond she seemed unwell, pale and pink, so I fished her out to a tank inside where the temp has gone up a good ten degrees F. She's got perfectly nice skin, good appetite, etc., and the water tests all came out perfect. The one thing is my pond never goes above 70F, and the depths are likely around 60F, so the warmer water might have just made a huge difference just in the time it took to clean up after catching her and get a better look at her. (not sure of gender yet) Speck is around 3 years old and oh, roughly 6" in length.
I'd appreciate any advice to chew on!

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

Like someone above, I read somewhere, that temperature was a factor. Age must figure in too, don't you think?

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