orcuttnyc(z5-6 NY)June 21, 2006

Well, my wife and I were concerned, curious and dismayed about not seeing the koi in the natural three acre pond this spring. Last fall we counted fourteen, including four large, over two foot orange monsters. Over the last few months, we saw a couple, then only one and now none.

This last weekend, while relaxing in the hammock over looking the pond, I saw a creature on the little bridge on the far end. I called up to my wife. We both agree it was an otter crossing the bridge, moving then back into the wetland brush. We've seen too many nature films not to recognize an otter. We also have beaver, muscrat and other creatures. Those I can live with. otter! They clean out ponds of fish, then move onto the next pond!

Soo much for our koi enjoyment. Gone! I also stocked the 3acre pond with trout this spring. I imagine the otter will take most of them as well.

I've been raising small koi in a horse troth to release into the pond when they've grown large enough. Now it seems i'm only raising otter food!

I'm even considering building a fifteen by twenty foot deep man made pond right up by the house in order to raise and enjoy koi...but, not only will that be expensive,'s a real shame to not be able to use the natural pond!

Here's a pic of the natural pond with the 'otter bridge' in the background, from last year.

We're really disheartened about this. We understand that nature plays out good and bad, ect...that you can't control it ect...but...i'm sure you koi enthusiasts will sympathise. Some of the koi had been with us for five years...

and one of my former 'dudes'...

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I am very sorry about your fish being snacked upon. Is there a possibility you could live trap the otter and relocate to a more remote area? What does your state wildlife agency say about it?

As an aside, what a beautiful place - pond - you have there. It looks like a little piece of heaven tucked in those trees.

lisa in colorado

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

I thought I'd had every disater that can happen to a pond. have never had otters ,knock on wood lol.
From the pix it does look far more like an otter than a Koi pond.
Would think they would be fun to have around but of course would eat the fish.
maybe the best bet would be to build a Koi pond close to the house and allow the otters to stay.??
I would think the otter would find the easy meal though
particularly as it got more used to seeing you.
That is a beautiful pond !! Must attract all sorts of wildlife. Good luck with whatever you decide

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bruce_ca(z10 and z8 CA)

I feel your pain...same thing happened to me with a pair of RIver Otters...they're very cute but really, really annoying how they clear out a pond during the winter when the fish are too slow to escape. >:-(

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your pond looks stunning, can you please post more pics?

Sorry about the otter, definitely try and trap the little bugger.

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