Need advise on Temporary Planting

alexis717_dfAugust 8, 2008

I've gotten 3 two year old paniculatas that I need to plant. The problem is the area where I want them to go is not ready and won't be till next Spring. So here's my question: Should I plant them straight in the ground and then just dig up and replant next year, or can I repot them in larger pots and bury in the ground. Would that disturb the roots less in the long run? If your advise is to bury the pots in the ground should I use potting mix or the soil they will eventually be growing in? I know the smart thing would have been to buy them next year.... but I just couldn't help it. TIA for any suggestions and advise


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I would keep them on mulched pots until it is time to plant in Spring.... just as would have happenned if your nursery had not found a seller. You can then dig a hole and put them there or store them in a garage or shed during the winter. Just do not forget to water them during the winter.

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Luis - Thank you for responding. I'm going to transplant into larger pots and then put in the ground, should I use potting soil or the soil they will actually be growing in next spring.

Thank you

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You probably do not need to change the potting soil medium at this time. The reason is that most nurseries and the wholesellers from which the plants are actually obtained from, they all add these fertilizer pellets that make sure that the plant is well taken care of, at least for the first growing season. For that reason, if I had purchased a plant in Spring 2008, I would not have fertilized at all until Spring 2009. Thus I would leave the plant in the pot and in the same potting soil medium.

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Luis - Thank you. You are always so helpful and I always enjoy reading your helpful advise on other threads.


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hayseedman(z5/6 Ct.)

I'd put it in the ground. You won't need to care for it nearly so much that way and the plant will be happier for it. Plants actually like being in the ground.


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