Bucket System leaking

GreenTexanOctober 10, 2013

Hi, Im fairly new to indoor hydroponic gardening and I have setup a 6 bucket DIY RDWC/Top feed hydroponic system. I got everything setup and went for a test run. I sealed the hose connections with grommets.

A lot of the grommet seals are leaking. I see two options.
1. I can find a plant safe sealant/putty to fix the problem
2. I can get brand new buckets drill new clean holes
3. I figure out a drainage system for the leaked water to get pumped back into the system

Please let me know about y'all's experience is with plant safe sealants and putties
As well as tips and tricks to get around this problem. Really any feedback is great.

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I had the same problem and put a small amount of silicone sealer
around the ouside of the grommet. It worked fine for me and lasted
through the summer.

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I've only had "poison glue" one time. I bought it at K-Mart in 2003 and it was packaged in a dual syringe.

The safest stuff I know of is aquarium sealant; pet stores sell it. It is probably just overpriced silicon, though.

JB Weld has also given good results. I like both the regular and the quick drying kind.

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I agree with Dave73, use silicone sealer from hardware store. Use the 100% silicone. Also, when cutting the holes. I try to get the hole size so that I screw in the fitting for the bottom it is tight, so I start with a good seal.

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I went a different way than using a sealant on my aero Cloner DIY project. I draped a plastic shield(actually a plastic ziploc bag) across the areas that were leaking, (primarily the pump power cord grommet/seal).

That plastic shielded the leaking areas from the spray, and stopped the leaks I had.

Silicone sealant would render the grommet permanent and could affect the ability to clean the unit.

Any suggestions are welcomed.

As long as the leaking element is not below the water line, this should work. At least it worked for me.

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what are you calling a "grommet"

2 choices to create a good seal

1) uniseal
2) bulkhead fitting

for curved surfaces like a bucket, you should be fine with a uniseal. for sump fittings or flat surfaces, consider using a bulkhead fitting. if its relatively low pressures, you can get away without glueing. i'd also look into spa-flex, which is dimensionally the same as pvc verses hoses. its UV resistant and doesnt allow for light to penetrate, should last your for years. you can find it at your local hardware store.

good luck!


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