Koi killing & left for dead

bonita69June 7, 2009

Something is just killing my koi. 3rd time it has happened.

pond size 16w x 22L dept 2'to 3'shape kidney. Heavy plant material, plenty of cover to hide under. All have been mornings all have been the orange and white spotted koi, all have been found dead out the water with same injury right at or just after the gill and towards the top of head. The injury is deep at the gill area puncher type then smaller holes at the top the head area. This morn. I found koi # 3 on top of the 20' bridge that goes across the middle of the pond. In the water below was large scales floating....and about 8 feet away from body was large amount of blood????

I live in the city. Could this be birds or something else?

These where not junk koi either!!!!

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Herons.. they spike koi and if they are to large to eat will just leave for dead.. sorry.. I net my pond and it sounds like you may need to do the same.. I lost two to birds and that was enough for me.. Fosters has a cheap net I just got to replace my old one and it was about 35 bucks..

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)


Raccoons would have torn apart your plants as well and they don't leave puncture wounds like that. More likely to bite the whole head off and leave the body.

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