Need a new Centrifugal Pump

SMFishJune 3, 2011

Hi All

Well, after moving into our house about 8 years ago, the centrifugal pump driving the Koi pond gave up the ghost.

We live in California, and our electrical bills are rendered pretty scary by running our pump 24/7. So, since we didn't originally build the pond we're not sure which pump we should buy to replace it. Currently we have a sump pump driving the pond, it seems to be doing OK, but its drawing a lot of electricity.

What we have is about 4000 gallons with about 4 -5 feet vertical between the pump location and the waterfall. Our waterfall is about 2 feet wide.

We used to have a sequence pump that did (I think) 3500 - 4500 gallons per hour.

We're looking for any advice you could provide!

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

A magnetic drive pump uses less electricity than a sump pump.

They cost more up front but are worth it. Can't help you with what size to get but I've had PondMasters last almost a decade...

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