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C-BUSOHJune 19, 2013

I have a pond in my front yard that is about 6 ft by 5ft and 3 ft deep it does not freeze over in winter and i was wondering if it would be okay to put a few koi in it and also how big would they grow in a pond of that size?

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chrisware(5-6 wv)

Sorry no one has replied.
You certainly could keep koi in a pond that small, but it can not sit stagnant. You would have to add some way to circulate and add oxygen to the water.... A waterfall hooked to a filter or a fountain head hooked to a filter. You could have two or three koi and a few other smaller goldfish like fan tails or sarrasa comets, but that would be the limit.
I've seen koi in smaller ponds get around 16-18 inches.

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we own our bussiness of building kio ponds and also have one here is the catch we had a really bad storm here in okc about a month ago we lost power so we took our fish over to a another pond went and got then yesterday and three of my males are being really agrassive toword each other we don't understand why can you help with this. thanks.

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konne(4/5 ONT)

Do you have females as well? Just wondering if in the other pond there was a female ready to spawn that you took them away from? Have never moved our fish, so I can't say anything from experience. Good luck and hope they will settle back in.

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I have a Koi pond and seven koi fish that are about two years old. Last week the pond accidently drained and I was able to save all the koi. I noticed one of the biggest fish has been swimming more and swimming faster constantly. Is that a sign the fish might be sick of stressed??

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kashka_kat(z4 WI)

6 feet by 5? Okay - imagine a two foot fish in that size of pond. Would you get any enjoyment out of watching a fish that size barely able to turn around? it's a myth that fish magically grow to fit the size of the container - it's more like they die before reaching their full size & dont live out their usual life span of 10-20 yrs. Or, their may be growth may be stunted meaning their organs do not function properly, they can't spawn or dive or do the usual fishy things.

That said, some people care for and love their koi until they get too big and then find them a new home. But that can be really hard on people - you do get attached to your pet fish!

OR... there are goldfish varieties that are bred for ponds that look very koi-like with long flowing fins, bright oranges, blacks, whites, metallic blues, etc. Some Ive seen the only difference is they dont have the whiskers - and they only get a foot long instead of 2 or 3!

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