best strawberry for hydroponics

mikesherry(5)October 27, 2004

I plan on growing strawberrys in hydro, but i'm running into troubble picking the proper type of plant. i have june bearing plants, but they need a chilling period to produce flower buds. i'd like to avoid this as i have had no success chilling them. i have everbearing plants too, but theese plants only produce small berries like the wild or alpine type. there are day neutral types as well but i know little about them. If anyone has grown strawberries in hydro could you please let me know what type of plant to use and what needs to be done to start fruit development.

I know california produces berries and i assume there would be no chilling process since it is warm there year round, would a varity growen in california be the best to use for indoor hydroponics?


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Not familiar with strawberry varieties but maybe this link can help?
It compares yields from Brighton, Douglas, Tuft and Tioga varieties.

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Here's a link for a source on the Camerosa:

Here is a link that might be useful: Camerosa source

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jmhewitt(8a Coastal NC)

all strawberry plants need chilling before production, either in the cooler or the fields in cooler climes.

strawberry plants are usually purchased with the chilling requirement fulfilled, then planted in the field, harvested, and then plowed under or otherwise removed.

you can easily purchase Strawberry plants ready to plant.

Camerosa is one of the best new strawberry varieties - great taste, good size, and an excellent keeper post-harvest. I have only seen it in the fields, no idea how it would do grown hydroponically.


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A link for camarosa

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I am also intrested in hydro strawberries as insects can be a bit of trouble here mostly ants. Hydro may be vulnerable as well since ants are good at climbing anything. I have always wanted to try a vertical column either a fabric or pipe tower with a feed top center. anyone tried anything like that? Here is a link explaining how to chill your plants they recomend day neutral everbearing for over winter production.

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mkirkwag(Puget Sound)

I was doing pretty well with alpine strawberries from seed until I killed them - they *were* starting to fruit, however, so I know they work.

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bkuschak(N. California)

What kind of hydro system are you using? I'm about to experiment with a vertical tower aeroponic system with Camerosa and Chandler from Are you starting with seeds, bare-roots, or plugs?

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What kind of strawberry do you grow, exactly?

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