Let's Dance Hydrangea series

Dayscapes_z7a_MDAugust 16, 2014

I'm planning on using hydrangea macrophylla for a foundation hedge planting and am looking at the Let's Dance series by Proven Winners. I'm trying to decide between Moonlight, Rhapsody Blue, and the new one, Blue Jangles. They are all great looking hydrangeas from what I've read and seen. What are the primary differences between the three? I'm not really clear as they all look similar. I know Blue Jangles is the newest...is it considered an improvement over the other two?

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Springwood_Gardens(6B Pittsburgh)

Moonlight tends toward pale colors or bright pink and the blooms are medium in size.
Big Easy tends toward medium pinks or magenta, or in my garden, an "apricot" color, with blooms that can get up to 10" across.
Rhapsody Blue produces medium sized blooms with exceptionally deep pinks, purples, and blues.

I'm not sure about Blue Jangles; it's not supposed to be available in sizes other than mail order starters until next season (2015).

Starlight is the only lacecap in the series.

All are similar in their compactness, as far as I know, as they probably won't exceed 3x3'.

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One thought, though it doesn't answer your question. IME H. macrophylla in the cold months is fairly unattractive, so you may want either backing plants or an edging in front of your hedge of plants that will have some winter interest.

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Springwood Gardens: Thanks for the info. I probably won't end up using Moonlight if it tends to be on the paler side. I'm actually going to be replacing my existing Endless Summer with whatever I end up planting. I'm looking for a hydrangea that offers more vivid color and doesn't get as larger as Endless Summer....so maybe Rhapsody Blue or Blue Jangle?

nhbabs: Thanks for the good advice. I agree. I actually have a low row of dwarf boxwoods that edge the garden...so they will be in front of the hydrangeas to provide year round color.

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I decided on 'Blue Jangles.' It's the latest introduction in the series. It's only available by mailorder as liners at this point, but will be available in the spring of 2015 in nurseries and garden centers. Here are a couple of pics of my new plants that I recently ordered for fall planting.

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