Question on Baby Koi and or Goldfish

kcdupree(Z8 TX)June 1, 2010

I have a batch of fry, I swear some are koi, some are definately goldfish and others are a mystery to me.

All came from the netting I had put in the pond one day to let the koi spawn on, and taken out the next day. Unfortunately, my mistake was having 6 goldfish in the same pond. One was that gold color, several the goldfish orange and 1 was that cream color.

Now, here is the question. It seems I have a mixed batch of fish here. 2 are very small, but very orange with black tails and black fins. Very definately little goldfish.

1/2 the batch is large now, say 1 1/2" and bodies resemble the gold color and cream color goldfish. Then, the other 1/2 are way smaller, maybe not even 1/2-3/4" long and slender, some getting very black backs and resemble koi.

I know it's a wait and see kind of thing here, but WHY would the goldfish be out growing the koi? By almost 2-1?

Having the goldfish in the pond in the 1st place has been taken care of, they are now in the other pond. So this won't have to happen again.

Anyway had mixed batches of fry all from the same 24 hour spawn period?

Can someone tell me why the goldfish looking ones would be so much bigger than the koi looking ones?



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ccoombs1(7B SC)

Most baby goldfish are born black. They change slowly to orange and other colors, along the back first. So the ones you think are koi that are black on the backs are probably goldies. The ones that are already colored up are probably koi since koi are usually born with colors, if they are going to have them as adults (although the colors do change a lot as they grow). At any rate, baby fry eat other baby fry. So you will always have fry of each species that are way larger than their siblings becuase they are eating them. They get big FAST. You also may have some fry that are koi/goldie hybrid. Since they fish spawned together at the same time and in the same place, this is VERY likely. koi/goldie hybrids usually grow fast, but are often really ugly as adults. Get some of your fry and look for wiskers. the ones with barbels (wiskers) are most likely koi since the hybrids usually are barbel-free.

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