Building a koi pond ??

schutjer(NE Iowa)June 9, 2006

We are thinking of building a koi pond in the back of our home (Iowa). We have a natural grade and low area that we would like to place one.

Any recommendations..websites with info?

We plan on building it ourselves.

Pics of the back yard.

in the pic above, we are thinking of placing pond between the weeping willow and deck/basement area... the tree in pic is much larger now, its been 2 years since we planted it. We think it will look great with the pond.

this pic shows what it looks like when we have major rain...and the run-off. Our property line is about 20 feet behind the willow. Where you see the water runoff (brown area behind willow). Most of the water runnoff goes to the back where you see it behind the willow tree. The part in the yard is when we have extreme rain which is about once a year at most and that is just excess rain that the ground wouldn't absorb fast enough. None of the neighbors water run off from their yards will drain into the area where we want the pond. Just what comes from our drains from house/yard, and even then most of it goes the the area behind the tree.

this pic shows what that area looks like from deck.

So, any suggestions?

We live on the edge of a small town with farmland on 3 sides.

any info would be helpful. thx


The area we want to place the pond is between the willow and the deck/back of house. Since the lowest area right near the tree and right in front sometimes gets excess water. We are thinking of moving the pond up a little further and closer to the back of house, but not too close, since we want to build an addition onto deck and bring it out further.

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sculpt4joy(z5 NH)

Build your pond where you can get the most enjoyment from it, see it from inside your house, toss cheerios into it while sitting on the eventual deck. Plan for NO runoff to ever get into the pond from the surrounding it will add phosphates, nitrates, etc. If it is in a low spot, it will need a burm around it. I don't have a bottom drain (3000 gallons) so I have to vaccuum. It is one or the other. A stream really helps clean things up if you have tons of nutrient hogging plants in it, and it adds a lot of air to the water, especially waterfalls. Koi make lots of waste. Put in twice the filtration you think you need, twice what the websites say is fine for that number of gallons of water. Consider the amount of sun the pond will get. If it is in full, afternoon sun, you will struggle with the algae. The best scenario seems to be full sun all morning, and the house shading the pond (or a tree) from the afternoon sun (2pm or so, on). This seems to be enough light for waterlillies to bloom, but keeps the algae formation under control. Otherwise, you will have to have floaters over 2/3rds of your pond for the same reason, which isn't as nice, as you dont' get to see the fish as much. I hope this has helped. Feel free to email me. --Lisa

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schutjer(NE Iowa)

Thanks. anyone else have suggestions. The water runs to the back area behind our property. I'm not worried about runoff into the pond. Most runoff runs around house and down behind the property. We want the pond in the middle of yard where we can see if from windows and back deck. We plan on adding to deck eventually and will bring the deck out to pond, or build a gazebo near pond. It will get almost full sun, but plan to add gazebo or arbor etc for some shade,plants etc. We will also be using a UV. I do know about filtration, since we own many aquariums.

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I would recommed using a Biofalls filter, skimmer and a bottom drain if you are going 3 ft or more deep. UV lights do help but if you dont have a lot of sun they are not necessary.

If you have any questions, give me a call and I can give you some advice. I install ponds and run an online store.



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