Koi Outgrowing Pond

sandiego.gardnerJune 16, 2014

Details: Started with what I was told were two male koi three years ago. They have grown to a family of ten plus two new babies, with the addition of two or three each spring/summer. They are fast outgrowing their 3,000 gallon pond.

1. Best way to reach potential buyers?
2. From the little I have read, I shouldn't expect any high prices. I'm really just looking for a decent home.
3. I calculated my pond & 7-level waterfall volume at at 1,600 gallons. A fish cleaner/designer professional measured and figured 3,000 gallons. Either way, what is the maximum number of koi I can support comfortably? I read somewhere that with 1,600 gallons, I should have no more than 96 inches of koi, which is about where I am now. I'm thinking I want to get down to maybe 4 koi.
4. I'm asking several local koi pond businesses for quotes for monthly service with annual or every other year cleaning services. (Southern California - warm climate) I got one quote for $800 to remove fish, empty pond and power spray everything. Another guy did the same thing two years ago for $200. Should there be that much difference in quotes?
5. ...and what should a monthly maintenance contract run?

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Hi Sandiego, the amount of fish load you can have really depends on your filtration and water quality. Koi that we raise in the back yard are really hard to sell because of the competition of true breeders. You must realize that breeders only keep a small selected group of koi from the massive number a fry they hatch. San Diego has a koi club, you can look it up on the net. They may be able to help you to find good homes.


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