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KarenOberryJune 13, 2012

My first and oldest koi has disappeared assuming by a predator. Rocks surrounding the pond would shift if something entered from the pond edge therefore I'm assuming it was a hawk. The koi was large and bright orange. I also have 4 new kois of smaller size and now no longer see them. I don't believe a hawk could have caught them because of size and not being very active as yet in the pond. Does anyone know if snakes would enter the pond to scavage my kois?. I know there have been snakes seen around the pond in the past but have not seen any recently. My pond is 4-5 feet deep with lots of ledges for the fish to hide.

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waterbug_guy(Phoenix AZ (Melrose))

What's the location?

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I am located in Macon GA. Thanks for responding. Any thoughts?

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We have Heron in GA- had 2 visit us in Woodstock over the years in a subdibvision and the back yard is well shielded with large trees

I put nylon fish string over the pond running from my swing posts to the wooden fence and corner of the house, the swing posts are high enough so that unless you're not over 5' 8" or so they are not an issue.

Just a thought that might help


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snakes love a fish dinner.

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