Koi Books You Would Recommend...

lorraineal(So. California)July 7, 2006

We're looking to add some koi books to our library.

Any recommendations on -

Care and feeding?

Pond building and/or management?


Diseases and treatments?

Coffee table/picture books?


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two of the best books out there are

Koi Kichi and Koi 2 Kichi. they aren't cheap though.

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lorraineal(So. California)

You're right about those books being pricy! I was able to find and buy Koi Kichi on Half.com for just under $100. Koi Kichi 2 will have to wait for a bit.

I looked at Amazon's website for koi books. There seem to be quite a few 'care & feeding' books out there, but most seem to have rather static photographs. I love the shapes and colors of the fish as they swim. Does anyone know of a good coffee table picture book?

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