Algae Blooms

kevip711(8a)July 19, 2006

Just curious on how others deal with their algae blooms... I let mine happen on purpose but am curious to see how others clear things up.. I am already trying to clear mine up but was wanting to see how others deal with it..


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you let it happen on purpose? why? Its not a bad thing in and of itself, but it can cause significant drops in O2 and major swings in pH.

A UV is the best way to remove, but usually better filtration and some shade will do the trick. I find Quilt batting also works very well, but it clogs quickly and needs to be replaced frequently.

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Yes I did it on purpose, I added air stones for more O2, I am monitoring ph and all other levels which are all fine. I was curious how others clear up their ponds. Mine is clearing slowly but wanted others techniques on how to clear them up just for my own knowledge. What is Quilt batting? Thanks..

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Well my bloom is gone.. water is crystal clear. Almost to clear that I hope my nitrites dont go back up. Tested water all things are registering ok. KH is still high but dont think I can change this. It must be the rocks I use. Anyway still want to hear how others clear up their ponds.. I would like to gather as much knowledge as possible for future issues.. thanks. Off topic but what is the highest water temp a koi can take?

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After cleaning out my pond from algae, mine is way too clear but I am trying to grow the long algae that grows on the sides cause that stuff helps in catching eggs and it helps cath floating algae. but I've hear that using watered down baking soda works pretty good for killing algae. It's pretty cheap and doesn't do any harm, I tried it with one of my tanks with shubunkens and the tank cleared up quite a bit.

and the temperature thing, I'm only guessing but from the khv thread I'd say nothing over 90-95.

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Adding baking soda will increase the kH and stabalize the pH, which is a good thing. I have never heard of baking soda doing anything for algae.

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Bloom is gone and nitrites went back up again.. this pond is a pain.. treating again with what fixed it last time.. I sure wish this pond would stabalize so all I had to do was feed the fish. Water is clear as a bell though, algea is growing fine and clogging the baskets so I lose pressure everyday.. what is the secret to ponding.. does everyone have all these issues or is it just me??

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I am new to Koi ponding, July 2006, and now I have a very green 700 gallon hole in the ground. I have Koi, tropical fish, algae eaters and turtles (they may have left, I have not seen them lately) I have one very large lily plant that has not been eaten. Everything else green was eaten, I guess. I have a waterfall and UV light. Any other suggestions to rid my pond of the overgrowth of Algae?

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I use a product called Clear Pond Quick Fix and it works wonders, I use very little maybe 1/4 of a cup and have only used it 3 times in the past 2 months or more.. bloom has not returned, string algea that was clogging up my filter is under control, happy ponder!

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I have found the best and cheapest thing for controlling algae in my 2 month old pond. Horticulture grade cornmeal. I was told about it by the guy at our local pond store. He said it wouldn't hurt for the Koi to eat it but with the pond temp getting low I didn't want to chance it so I put 2 pounds in a kneehigh stocking and tied it with a string to stay right below my waterfall. Two days later the pond was clear. It will last about 2 to 3 weeks before needing replacement. BTW my pond size is 18 ft by 9 ft by 3 ft deep. This is much cheaper than the commerical products. I paid $17 for a 40 lb bag at the feed store. Also don't freak because it will make the water very cloudy for the first few hours after you throw it in. Hope this helps someone.

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Does reg. cornmeal you buy from the gro. store work?

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Can anyone tell me if reg cornmeal works?

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I use a product called PAK 27. It is a new form of algaecide that was specifically made to help treat algae with koi. It's a product from SePRO. I have had a lot of success with it.

Here is a link that might be useful: PAK 27

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I've had my ponds for years without a single bit of algae. the secret is simple. put a nice shade over the pond and more as a place to sit and view them is nice too. My pond has a skimmer with filter medium purchased at the home depot used for polishing floors, they have different ones and I use them all. The second stage is a 55 gal plastic drum filled with bio-balls the final filtration is a DE filter. I use the DE to remove the finest particulates and it is so easy to clean and drain even my 5 year old can do it. Last stage is a waterfall with ferns and other small water plants. 90% of the pond is surrounded with a vast array of houseplants, vines, elephant ears etc. I have a 2000 gal pond with about fifty 8 to 28 inch koi, 2 large plecos, and three 2# tilapia. It is clean and clear all year long. The other pond is a 4ft wide by 24ft long tilapia pond which I surrounded with tomatoe plants and other garden edibles. The plants self water when the roots creep out from under the blocks and hang in the water. The tilapia keep them trimmed. All of my fish are fed a floating catfish pellet food from the local feed store. The filters are cleaned into a large bucket and that waste is used to feed and water our garden which supplys us our Kale cabbage squash peppers brussel sprouts and more all through the year. and yes we eat the tilapia too.

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Any chance we can see some pictures of your ponds?


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