baby koi?

camerahappyJuly 15, 2007

Hi I'm definatly a NEWBY at this sorry.. :)

I think I have baby Koi in my pond I've only had my pond 1 yr and have 10 Koi's in it. A few of them are a little older (got from a friend)I'm hoping they're what I think they are. Everyday I scoop up the string alge from the bottom/side of the pond..a few days ago I notice little tiny fish swimming around, some are white, some white w/black tails, I see color on some like a orange w/black white. They're so tiny I'm amazed that I can see color on them. They're swiming around the alge on the sides of the pond (needless to say I'm not pulling it out anymore) haha. Do I need to take them out so they don't get eaten? Can anyone tell me if this is good? Does this mean they're gonna be real colorful? How do you tell the males from the females? How do you know the difference from Koi eggs and Frog eggs? Because I still have alot of eggs?,that are on top of the alge, I've always thought was frog eggs. Help I'm full of questions...

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Koi eggs are very small, smaller than frog eggs, usually milky white to clear in color and typically not perfectly round. They stick to everything and the koi usually gobble them up before they hatch. Have no idea if what you have are baby koi.. the adult koi will eat the babies as well. If the babies develop most will probably be koi mutts as with most cullings I think like 90% or so are destroyed. I just had my koi lay eggs but I couldnt get to any of them as my water is cloudy from all the rains and from my new filter media. I caught most of my koi gobbling them up, hopefully because my water is cloudy maybe some might make it but I wont know for a while. If I did find babies I would take them out and put them in an aquarium until they can get some size to them.. Would have to look up which is male or female cant remember off the top of my head, has something to do with the lower fins, maybe some one here knows.. hope that helps some..

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Unlike goldfish, koi hatch colored but the colors change a lot as they grow. Shubunkin goldfish also show colors as fry but the rest start out blackish. If all you have in the pond are koi then koi fry are what you are seeing.

Koi breeders cull most as only a few are the beautiful fish offered for sale at high prices.

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