Anyone growing citrus trees?

wordwizOctober 29, 2010

I possess a dwarf banana, lemon, orange and tangerine tree and plan on adding a peach, apple and pineapple. Google leads led nowhere, except for a couple of sites that suggested drip irrigation, which I don't really consider hydro. Supposedly the roots need to sort of dry out, which would mean an Ebb & Floor type, or maybe aeroponics on a timer. I know a banana will grow great in a DWC system - I add a week per leaf like clockwork.

Ideally, I would like to grow these in hydro until at least next fall and if necessary until the spring of 2012 when I will give them a permanent home in my garden. Preferably, I do not need to do E&F but I might be able do aeroponics on a timer. My preference, simply because I have the equipment and it is the simplest, is DWC.

If you have any advice or experience, I'm all eyes!


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Do you have any pictures of the trees you are growing? We are currently in the process of growing some plants, like tomatoes and such. It seems a little boring, but i honestly think citrus trees will be a good idea. Goodluck!

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e-mail me:


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It can be done. My own experience was starting seeds from lemon and oranges in soil, then moving them into rockwool blocks after maybe a month. The rockwool blocks were put placed in GH waterfarms with hydroton clay pellets. It was fun and surprisingly easy. I still have maybe four trees, all in soil at this point, alive after maybe three or four years. Keep an eye out for mealy bugs and fungus gnats.

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