Dart Little Dot Hydrangea

Peony5(6)August 15, 2012

I just bought this plant because of its compact habit. Does anyone have Dart Little Dot hydrangea growing in your garden? Not much information about this plant.

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

Hello, Peony5. You may want to try searching for it as Darlido (sp.?) or Greenfinch too.

What was the deciding factor when you bought it?

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I bought it because they are on sale for $13 in 2 gallon container. The plant is already almost in its mature size about 3 feet with some flowers already starting to show up. All I know when I bought it was that the plant is a dwarf hydrangea.

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Hi Peony5,

I have grown Dart's Little Dot and in many ways it is a nice plant. It is a selection form Darthauizer Nursery in the Netherlands.

It is a slower growing, dwarfish plant with very small but attractive flower heads. It has strong stems and and does not flop at all. I do not recall any pink coloration in the blooms as they age.

Initially I was quite excited about it when I got it, some 10 years ago, because the plant habit is quite nice. But now, I think there are new and improved dwarf varieties available that have larger, more attractive flower panicles that age pink.

It is a rare variety in the US. I have never seen it offered for sale here.

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