Feeding Koi

tampapalmJuly 12, 2007

How often and how much is the question?

Mine will eat every time I toss food at them but I'm worried I might be feeding them too much. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. TY

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Hi I've been told 2-3 times a day during the summer. Only feed them as much as they will eat. You know your overfeeding them if food is still foating/left after they're done. When that happens make sure you scoop it out. As it gets closer to fall start cutting back, and they'll stop eating all together in the winter till spring. Koi will store their food and slow down. Still new at this myself... I hope this helps I only went thru 1 summer/winter and did fine.

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Thanks for the infoÂ..thatÂs about what I have been feeding them, they are growing so quickly:)

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feed them enough that they can eat for 5 minutes or so. usually twice a day. if the temperature hits 50f there which i dont know if it does stop feeding them. their digestive systems go into a shutdown mode so to speak and the wont feed.

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