Koi Spawning Question

konne(4/5 ONT)July 31, 2013

Hi, hoping for some advice. Our female koi spawned last year (all 4) in early June. This year they have not spawned yet. We had some really hot weather for a bit but now its cooling off in the evenings and getting a lot of variable temperatures. Should we be concerned? The poor girls are very, very wide. Is there danger to the females if they don't spawn? I had heard that sometimes a full moon influences things and we thought for sure they would last week, but they did not. Our koi are all 4-5 year olds. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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I have heard that a large water change will set them off too. I haven't tried it but I have read it on line in several places.

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konne(4/5 ONT)

They have spawned! Glad I posted to get them started, lol
Thanks for the advice about the water change. We had a big thunderstorm, maybe that did it.

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